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Cajundome Arena Case Study

The Cajundome is a 13,500-seat multi-purpose arena located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Primarily used as a sporting venue and performing arts center, the dome has been one of the premiere entertainment venues in Louisiana.


Executive Summary

The Cajundome is the premiere event arena in Lafayette, Louisiana. In 2016 a layer of protective coating was put onto the dome roof that would prevent dirt, mold, and mildew. The protective coating layer had not performed as expected, and they were looking for a Safer, Faster, Smarter solution to bring life back to the shining white dome seen by thousands daily.


  • Cajundome staff wanted a safe option because the height and the architecture of the Cajundome makes it dangerous to repel down.
  • The solution needed to be cost-effective. The last time the Cajundome was cleaned; the total cost was approximately 1 million dollars.
  • The Cajundome staff wanted little to no hindrance to the attendees as they still had events on the calendar. When the exterior was cleaned and coated in the past, the arena shut down for months.


"One of the things that excited us about using a drone to clean our roof is the safety aspect."

Matt Jeansonne
Cajundome Operations Director

With a packed event calendar, time was of the essence. Cajundome staff brought in L.A. Drone Services and their Lucid C1 Spraying Drones to get to work cleaning.



"We tried to find different companies that could do this job, and L.A. Drone Services had the one thing no one else had, cleaning with drones."

Matt Jeansonne
Cajundome Operations Director
  • Using a pair of C1 Spraying Drones, the total crew size was two, and no workers needed to repel or be put in a dangerous situation.
  • The total cost to clean the dome with the drones was $50k, a 95% cost decrease.
  • A Lucid C1 Spraying Drone can cover over 3000 sqft in less than 30min. L.A. Drone Services cleaned the entire 40,000 sqft facility in two days. Bringing their equipment cost less than $1000 compared to renting a lift which would have cost.
  • L.A. Drone Services was able to secure this high-profile job because of its drones. Based on their performance, results, and innovation, they were able to secure bigger contracts for the rest of 2022 and into 2023.


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